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Tips on Choosing A Replacement Toilet

Ann Arbor toilet replacement We are deep into the holiday season this year, and the cold weather is upon us. This is the time of year that one item in your home will probably get the most used the toilet. Family members get to spend a little more time at home, guests come in an out, and everyone makes countless trips to the bathroom.

This may be why are considering a replacement toilet. Or perhaps this important feature of your home isn't working as well as it should. If you've come to this point, you'll be looking at installing a new one.

Our Ann Arbor plumbing contractors at Rork Plumbing & Piping Service offer the following tips to help you choose a replacement toilet. If you need more help, just call.

What To Consider When Looking At New Toilets

Any time you make a home improvement like replacing the toilet, you want to choose something that will modernize the room a bit. Even if you aren't doing a full-scale bathroom makeover, the replacement toilet can lead the way to a more modern bathroom.

Traditional toilets are standard models that are usually white. They are a good choice for modest budgets but don't rule out looking at others. There are options in water saving toilets and in alternative colors.

If you are not looking for something standard, you may be wanting the best toilet around. Consider a low-profile, more elegant toilet. There are one-piece, dual flush toilets available in modern designs. Whether it's standard or upscale, a little advice from a quality Ann Arbor plumbing contractor can help.

About Replacement Toilet Costs

The cost of the replacement toilet will always be a concern to every homeowner. A standard toilet generally costs a few hundred dollars, but remember that there are additional costs to install. The amount varies according to the plumber installing it.

Bathroom toilets are heavy and they do need to be installed correctly or there will be problems. Hiring a plumber to help you choose and install the toilet is going to be your best option.

Even though replacing a toilet really seems simple, it is more complicated than one would think. To make the best decisions, be informed and get the help of a professional. It is always worth it.


For more information about Toilet Replacements in Ann Arbor, MI, please call Rork Plumbing & Piping Service at 734-595-0340 or complete our online request form.

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