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Store-Bought Drain Cleaners vs. Professional Drain Cleaning

Ann Arbor Drain CleaningYour plumbing system is an extremely important part of your home, and keeping it in great shape is an important part of keeping your home comfortable and convenient. When your plumbing system's drains are clogged, the problems can effect your entire plumbing system, making much less convenient, less effective, and less efficient. When drains start to clog, many homeowners attempt to fix the problem with store-bought drain cleaners, but these are at best a temporary solution, and don't begin to compare to the professional drain cleaning and sewer jetting services that the professional Ann Arbor plumbers at Rork Plumbing & Piping Service can provide you with.

In order for your plumbing system and all of its fixtures to stay functional, you need your plumbing drains to be clear and free-flowing. When you need to have your drains cleaned, you need to know that you're getting the best service possible, or else you might see the problems cropping up again in the near future. Compared with professional drain cleaning services, store-bought drain cleaners are much less effective. Plus, they're often toxic, and they can end up doing more harm than good to your pipes.

Our professional Ann Arbor plumbers will be able to remove any obstructions and clogs in your drains and pipes without any of the toxic substances that many store-bought cleaners are made from. We'll also be able to guarantee a totally thorough cleaning, which store-bought chemicals can't do. Here are the biggest problems that store-bought drain cleaners have:

They're Ineffective

Store-bought drain cleaners are not as thorough as they need to be to, and they don't do an excellent job at removing obstructions from your drains. They're made of corrosive substances whose purpose is to dissolve whatever is clogging your pipes. However, once a small portion of the obstruction has been dissolved, the chemical solution will be able to continue flowing through your pipes, so a majority of the obstruction is left behind.

When you rely on our professional Ann Arbor drain cleaning professionals, we'll be able to accurately locate and thoroughly remove anything that's clogging your drains and pipes. You with professional drain cleaning services in Muskegon, we'll find all of the obstructions in your pipes, then remove them completely. With store-bought chemicals, the clog isn't completely removed, and it will continue to collect particulate matter and lead to a cycle of of slow and clogged drains.

They're Toxic and Corrosive

The other main problem with store-bought drain cleaners is that they're highly toxic, which can make them unsafe to have in your home. They're usually made of very unsafe materials like acids, caustics substances, and solvents (i.e., bleach, lye, peroxides, potash, and nitrates). If any of these substances are swallowed or come into contact with skin or eyes, they can cause severe injuries.

Unlike our drain cleaning services, store-bought cleaners are also very corrosive, which means that if you're using them repeatedly over time, they can do some serious damage to your pipes.


If you're looking for drain cleaning services in Ann Arbor, call Rork Plumbing & Piping Service at 734-595-0340 or complete our online request form.

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