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Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Your Ann Arbor Home

Plumbing MaintenanceMost people don't realize their plumbing system needs maintenance. If you're new to owning a house or never realized you should get maintenance for your plumbing, let us tell you it's important to get plumbing maintenance.

As Ann Arbor plumbers, we replace a lot of broken down water heaters that've been neglected and a lot of plumbing leaks that could have been avoided with regular maintenance. Take a look at the following plumbing maintenance tips from our Ann Arbor pros if you'd like to save money and avoid expensive repairs.

Yearly Maintenance For Water Heaters

Whether you have a tank style water heater or tankless water heater, it does need maintenance. Gas water heaters can leak gas into the house if the gas lines and parts aren't regularly tested and inspected for preventive repairs and electric water heaters have their own problems.

Schedule a water heater tune-up with your Ann Arbor plumber once a year. They'll inspect your water heater for potential problems before they cause trouble. Everything is inspected including the electrical and gas components.

If you have hard water running through the pipes, your water heater tank will need a regular flush out as well. The sediments in hard water fall to the bottom of the tank and accumulate there. Eventually, they'll cause big problems for your entire plumbing system as well as your water heating equipment.

Whole House Drain Cleaning Lasts For Years

If your house has never had all the drains and sewer lines cleaned before, it's time to get it done. Whole house drain cleaning is a plumbing service which cleans the inside lining of your pipes and drains. This is especially important if you have hard water because the sediments coat the pipe lining and will eventually clog the pipes. It also causes corrosion!

Our Ann Arbor plumbers use a water-jetting tool and camera for this type of drain cleaning. The process will completely remove anything lining the pipes or clogging them, including tree roots. Once your whole house drain cleaning is done, your plumbing pipes will remain clear for many years and your clog problems will only happen if you or a family member causes the clog.

Fix The Little Things Before They Cause Big Problems

A simple faucet leak can turn into a major nightmare with water pouring out of the fixture and flooding your Ann Arbor home. If the fixtures or other parts of your plumbing system are aging, repair or replace them now to avoid expensive repairs later.

Think About Getting A Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Maintenance plans are very helping in helping you save money on maintaining and repairing your plumbing system. Our Ann Arbor Plumbers offer a plumbing maintenance plan to help our customers save money. We can tell you ours is pretty comprehensive so look for a good one in your location.

Plumbing maintenance plans include a thorough yearly inspection of your entire plumbing system. Certain adjustments and cleaning is done to ensure your plumbing stays trouble-free. The plans can also include a preferred treatment benefit which lets you move to the top of the list when you need plumbing repairs or service and provides discounts on any repair work you need.

If you are looking for Plumbing Maintenance, then please call us today at 734-595-0340 or complete our online request form.

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